Earworm 23 Apr 15 : ‘Tracers’ by Ash

The first post in my earworm series. I took the idea from Shaun Keaveny’s earworm section on his breakfast show on BBC 6 Music. It simply means a song that is stuck in your head. As I have been rediscovering a lot of music, it is a regular occurrence at the moment!

Today’s one is Tracers by Ash. I am really into Ash at the moment. I am exploring their back catalogue as I had sort of forgotten about them for the past… ahem… fifteen years. Why, I ask myself, because their stuff has been pretty consistently awesome. Anyway, more about that in a later post dedicated to them.

I have been listening to A-Z series that they did back in 2009-2010, when they released a new single every two weeks (how exactly did I miss that?). There are some beauties in that series, but the song that is stuck in my head is not one that particularly stands out and yet, it’s stuck in my head like any good Ash song tends to do.

I have decided to add a video of it. This is not the A-Z version, but an acoustic version Tim did with Emmy The Great (who I am also listening to at the moment).

Hope you enjoy and if you haven’t heard Emmy The Great yet, check her out, she is pretty awesome!


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