Earworm 24 Apr 15: ‘Carnal Love’ by Ash

I already mentioned I have been listening to Ash’s A-Z series, so it’s not much of a coincidence that is another song from it that wormed its way into my brain today. Although to be fair I woke up with their new tune ‘Cocoon’ in my head, that quickly faded and was replaced by the above and it has stuck around pretty much all day!

Now, I can tell you for a fact that ‘Carnal Love’ is not the best song to have stuck in your head whilst out and about with the in-laws! I had to stop myself several times singing quite inappropriate lyrics. Thank you, Mr Wheeler…

If you have never seen the video for this, check it out. It is as strangely fascinating as it is cringe-worthy! It does involve cakes, which is always a bonus. I still cannot agree with myself whether I like it or not, but I definitely would not like to watch it with my mum next to me. That would be slightly uncomfortable! 😉


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