Baby Showers… WTF!

This new trend of baby showers amuses and bemuses me, as well as sort of annoys me. When I was pregnant three/four years ago, it was not really a thing yet (at least I cannot remember it being much of a thing), but since then a bad wind seems to have wafted over from the US to enlighten our lives with these completely pointless parties. It’s like a hen party, but there is no alcohol… or rude chat… or penis-shaped oddities (though that is a positive thing in my book, as I loathe any hen parties that have any penis-shaped paraphernalia – yes I know my husband has one and that I must forsake all others).

You’re supposed to bring a present for the bride… pardon, mother-to-be or the sprog that is yet to be pushed out. Well, I do not like buying things for babies that have not been born yet and you always end up buying a present when the baby has actually seen the light anyway. So I tend to buy some posh but boring shower gel for mum… After all, she is going to need to wash sometime!

I had a my sister-in-law (brother’s wife)’s baby shower today. Not saying it’s not nice and socialising is a good thing, but it is just the whole calling it a baby shower thing. It just bothers me. O, let’s throw so-and-so a baby shower. We can’t tell her. It will be a nice surprise. Will it? Really? Anyway, my sis-in-law looked pleased enough. She got quite a lot of pressies out of it after all!

Why is it called a baby shower anyway? There is no shower involved… The mother is not showered with babies either… Showered with gifts I suppose 😉


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