Record Collection: Coldplay – ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ (2002)

Record - Rush Of Blood

I can’t remember whether it was me or my husband that brought this album into our house, but I suspect it was him, as it was released during my music void!

My opinion:

It was quite fashionable for a time to hate Coldplay. I never did. Never quite understood all the hatred really. I suspect it was simply because they got so big. They were never a band I was really into, as I never really felt the urge to see them live or anything, but I often seem to like their songs.

I do not tend to care what ‘celebrities’ do in their private lives, but as far as I can care to get into it this animosity towards Chris Martin is quite unjustified. I seems quite a funny guy, who just takes himself a little too seriously every now and then. Don’t we all?

Anyway, I felt like a bit of Coldplay this morning and decided to play ‘A Rush Of Blood…’. Good choice. I have not listened to it for a few years and I had forgotten how good it actually is. It has many of my favourite Coldplay songs on it, like ‘Clocks’ ‘Green Eyes’ and ‘The Scientist’. I am really enjoying it this morning!

One word to describe this record: 

Play it when… You feel relaxed

Songs  you need to hear: Clocks, The Scientist


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