Does One Tweet? Apparently So!

I had a Twitter account, just never did much with it. Followed some comedians I liked and some things to do with horse racing, but that was about it. None of my friends seem to use it much. My husband does, but he is a computer programmer, so it is sort of expected.

I have decided to finally try and embrace this social media malarkey, only about what? Ten years late? I always tend to be late with things like that. I did not get a mobile phone until everybody else already had one and it took me ages to get myself a smart phone (I now love my Nexus 4 – is that one outdated yet?). I am really good at resisting technology it seems. It’s a skill right?

Anyway, so Twitter, yes, you better be scared… I will see if I can add some widget to the side of my blog page with tweety bits.



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