My Soundtrack: A Life Less Ordinary, Fire, Let’s Spend The Night Together, Lithium

Last one for today:

I adore this tune. It just never gets boring. It was written for the Danny Boyle movie of the same name, which I also love. It’s that Ash recipe of a pretty song wrapped up in bad-ass guitars. Never fails in my book!

I do a love a good high energy song and this is definitely one of those. I love the way the song lopes along and then when the chorus kicks in you just want to get up and jump.

Is it strange that this is one of my favourite Stones songs? It just makes me happy! Is that reason enough?

This song IS Nirvana in my mind more than any other. When I was in my early to mid teens in Holland you were either into pop, house music or Nirvana, there was not much inbetween, which made me sort of rebel against all of that. I never gave them a chance, but this song has steadily grown on me and is now firmly on my favourites list.


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