My Soundtrack: For Tomorrow, The Killing Moon, Do I Wanna Know, Girl From Mars

I am creating a soundtrack that sums me up. Basically, my favourite songs over the years. These are the first few. No particular order. Just as they come to me. I will create a page under Music to collect them in a nice list 🙂

Song – Artist (year)

Blur are very hit and miss for me, but this is without doubt my favourite tune from them.

What a great song this is. Best known from the fantastic movie Donnie Darko, I love the dark sound of this. It stands the test of time masterfully.

The opening riff just does it for me. From the first time I heard this, I loved it. Love the bass in this too. I am a sucker for a good bass sound. I tend to like songs that bound along like this. Alex Turner’s voice is really recognisable and I like it here, the lazy way it drawls along perfectly in sync to the instruments.

Soundtrack to my late teens. It never fails to make me smile. Love the guitars on this mixed with Tim Wheeler’s voice singing quite sugary lyrics. Always loved the guitar solo too!


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