Record Collection: Supergrass – ‘Road To Rouen’ (2005)


My opinion:

This is an album that my husband brought into our household and over time it has become one we both really love and listen to regularly.

It is quite orchestral and slightly trippy (if that is the right word) in places and we often put it on in the evening when we are quietly doing our own things, may it be reading, writing or browsing. It suits that sort of time of day and civilized activity so perfectly. If that sounds boring, think again!

It’s a gem of an album that too many people overlook. People tend to think of Supergrass as those smiley side-burned cheeky Britpop lads, but by this stage they had gone way beyond that. Gaz’s vocals sound awesome on this record and the music is amazingly well put together. Particular favourites are the title track and one of my all time favourite songs ‘St Petersburg’, but the opener of ‘Tales of Endurance (Parts 4,5 & 6)’ is also much loved.

The album is, though not depressing, darker than people are used to from the band and it received a mixed reception at release. For me, this is the only Supergrass album I go to again and again. If it was lost I would get it again.

So if you have never listened to this album before, get it now, wait for a time when you’re in the mood to unwind. Put it on, close your eyes and enjoy… You’re welcome!

One word to describe this record: Relaxing

Play it when… You want to unwind

Songs you need to hear: St Petersburg, Road To Rouen


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