Record Collection: The Killers – ‘Hot Fuss’ (2004)

Hot Fuss

This is a record that was released during my musical wilderness and another that my husband introduced me to. Although I have always liked it, I never paid much attention to it and that now seems very odd to me.

It’s hard to explain how I felt about music for much of the last ten years, mainly indifferent I suppose. But as I am coming out of my musical slumber, I am realising how much decent music was out there that I have either missed or just did not take the time for.

My opinion:

Playing Hot Fuss today I discovered how familiar I actually am with all the songs and how much I actually like them! I found myself singing along quite loudly and really enjoyed it too!

The first half of the album is particularly strong with the first two tracks ‘Jenny Was a Friend of Mine’ and the always infectious ‘Mr Brightside’ particular favourites. But the album is strong throughout with catchy tunes and is varied enough to never get boring.

I like the recognisable sound of Brandon Flowers’ voice and the way influences from various decades of music are layered into something that sounds so thoroughly modern even now, ten years later. It really is quite clever.

All in all, a very strong album all round and I would strongly recommend it to… well, anybody really!

One word to describe this record: Strong

Play it when… In a good mood

Songs you need to hear: Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, Somebody Told Me, All These Things That I’ve Done


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