My Musical Wilderness

At the moment I have this strange sensation of waking up to music again. It has taken me about fifteen years I think, which is an amazing amount of time to not care much about music.

For some reason I fell out of love with music in general around the millennium. I could not tell you why, it simply happened. A lot happened in the last one and a half decades. I spent a year in Australia, moved to England and oh, over ten years later I moved back to Holland again. I got married, became a mum and well… grew up I suppose…

It is not that I did not listen to music during this time. I did. We listen to the radio all the time. I simply seemed to have this barrier that stopped me from really getting into the music I was hearing.

I was into Britpop in my teens. Certainly from around 1995 I was knee deep in the stuff. It was new, it was exciting. I did not live in England, so overexposure was not so much of an issue (most people had never heard of Oasis until Wonderwall came along). In a country where you were either into terrible dance music (I have nothing against good dance music by the way), Nirvana, or pop music, I simply chose to rebel against all of that and chose Britpop instead. I went to a lot of gigs at the time. I saw many bands in much smaller venues than they would have played in the UK, such as Oasis, Blur, Pulp, Primal Scream, etc.

I almost feel like I burnt myself out along with Britpop itself. It is rather odd and I can’t pinpoint a time where my indifference started. Maybe around the millennium? A bit earlier? For some reason I just fell out of love with music in general. I could not tell you why, it simply happened.

During my musical wilderness years some music was so good that it just had to penetrate my shield. The absolutely spellbinding Sigur Rós for example. They were so different that I simply had to sit up and pay attention to them. They left me no option. Of course I was aware of bands coming through, like, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Muse, Kasabian, Arcade Fire, etc. I even liked a lot of what I was hearing on the radio and really loved particular songs, but the threshold to buying albums had become so high for me.

Most gigs I went to during that time were ones my husband dragged me along to and none of them quite caught my imagination (well, apart from the aforementioned Sigur Rós). I remember seeing both The Hives and The Vines during this time… I did also go to some of the Teenage Cancer Trust gigs at the Royal Albert Hall, seeing random things like Razorlight, Goldfrapp and Florence and the Machine. O, and as a last hurrah we went to see Oasis at Wembley Stadium in July 2009. I had not bought any of their records since Be Here Now…

It’s great to feel that hunger for new music again. I have been buying quite a lot of albums and I will be drowning myself in them for the foreseeable future. I have no idea when my music batteries were recharged, but I am glad they have!

Long may it last!


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