Earworm 22 June 15: ‘Warmer Than Fire’ by Ash

Yep, another Ash song. I did a lot of driving about today and I tend to play Ash in the car.

I love this song. It was written by Steve Ludwin. There’s something so nice and mellow about it. It was B-side for ‘Shining Light’. It’s such a lovely song to have playing around in your head for the day. Makes me feel happy! 🙂



Eyes on infinity
Stride along the street
Don’t notice the strangers
Walk with assured feet

There is a place to go
There is someone to see
There is no time for pausing
I have somewhere to be

I know pigeons always move
Tourists stop and talk
But the locals never waver
From the path they walk

I know a place to drink
I know a place to eat
I know where at the station
To wait to find a seat

Today I really miss you
The buzz of all you are
But I have left you behind
To look back from afar

Once you were my home
Once you were my town
Once I knew your heartbeat
And your million city sounds

The Void

The emptiness fluctuates
Between non-existent and overpowering
Sometimes I forgot I had it
Or it is suddenly towering
Over a soul that feels so small
As if it shrank in the rain
Then it takes time to grow again
Taller than before it came

The feeling I know so well
That has become an estranged friend
Has sometimes felt so familiar
That I have missed it when it went
There is self indulgence in crying
To let out the heart wrenching pain
To only think of my own heart
Until I can feel empathy again

The void of the lonely
Who are not truly alone
Who have no reason for sadness
But tumble into that zone
For no reason apparent
It just happens overnight
And so it will dissolve
With the changing of the light

Five Songs That Make Me Feel Summery…

Since the summer appears to be slow to push through this year, I was thinking about songs that give the happy summer jitters anyway.

Of course DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s ‘Summertime’ has got to be right up there! Such a great vibe.

I couldn’t leave ‘Sunny Afternoon’ by The Kinks of this short list! 🙂

One from my youth. ‘Staying Out For The Summer’ by Dodgy. There’s a flying Vee Dub in the video 🙂

‘Summer In The City’ by Lovin’ Spoonful, another absolute summer gem:

And finally, no summer list of mine would be complete without a bit of Ash. I give you ‘Oh Yeah’! I remember not really liking the video – I thought it should be more summery! I had forgotten about the heavy petting! The burning carousel is pretty cool though…

Earworm 18 June 15: ‘Free’ by Ash

I watched the video for this a couple of times today, so no surprise it’s stuck in my head. If you hear an Ash song more than once in a day, you have no choice but to sing it the rest of the day…

I am not sure about the video – I think they’re supposed to be in a prison or asylum or whatever (after all, Tim’s yearning to be free!), but it has the look of a oversized toilet to me! 😉