So Far In 2015 the 1990s Rule!

So far my three favourite albums of 2015 are all from bands/people that were big in the nineties. They are very different from each other, but all three are an absolute highlight in respective careers in my opinion.

Chasing Yesterday Charlatans - Modern Nature Kablammo

The new Charlatans album Modern Nature is a summery treat that I had not expected from them. It’s soulful and mellow and suits the haze of summer incredibly well. I am looking forward to listening to it while having a sip of champagne in the sunshine. It’s that kind of album. It’s superb.

Then there is Noel Gallagher’s album Chasing Yesterday, which in my opinion is the best thing he has ever done, and yes, that includes What’s the Story and maybe even Definitely Maybe. It’s an achievement for sure. His first album as High Flying Birds was good, but this one is miles better. Although of course there will always be echoes of Oasis in his music, this album also strays into more experimental territory, including the gorgeous ‘The Right Stuff’, which never sounds better than on a sunny day like today. Excellent album for driving or playing any time of day really. More of this please, Mr Gallagher!

Finally, there is Kablammo! by Ash. While this may get less press than the above two, it’s just as awesome! It sort of harks back to every single one of their previous albums and I  love it. It has that familiar recipe of cracking melodies, easy lyrics and that irresistible mixture of rock, pop and punk that Ash do so well. Criminally underrated band and I hope this album does incredibly well for them.

I will look at each of these albums in more detail in the near future…


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