Earworm 6 June 15: ‘Round Are Way’ by Oasis

Back in the day when Oasis were good, they were very good! I liked having this song going around in my head today. It is just one of those songs that (still) presses all the right buttons, even (too) many years on. This was a B-side to ‘Wonderwall’, but everybody knows that certainly around that period, their B-sides tended to be pretty awesome and always worth buying their singles for. Liam’s voice was still good and the Gallaghers’ ridiculous behaviour hadn’t started to annoy me yet.

These days I have no time for the younger Gallagher, though I have rekindled my love for Noel’s song writing. And also a bit as a person, as there is no such thing as a boring Noel Gallagher interview. 😉


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