Renovation Blues

At some point we thought that the best option of getting the house of our dreams was to buy an old house and renovate it. So we ended up buying a little farmhouse with a big black barn attached to it with the idea to renovate the farmhouse first and live in it while we convert the barn into our dream house.

It all sounds great, but it’s giving me headaches even if most of it is going according to plan. There are decisions to be made over every little detail and I am the worst decision maker ever. My husband is not much better, so we um and ah over every little thing. No good in a project like this!

It’s worse for the farm house than it will be for the barn I think. We intend to rent the farmhouse out as a holiday let, so it has to sort of be reasonably neutral and easy to clean and keep tidy. It does mean we have to reign in our taste a bit and it just makes it harder.

I am looking forward to converting the barn, because there we can really go to town (well, depending on how much cash we have left of course). It can be a bit crazy. I want it to be! So I think we will be more opinionated with that one.

It’s a great experience, but I know we will be painting for hours. I am scheduled to be painting wooden ceilings most of the day tomorrow, so I will be aching by the end of it!

I am just a bit tired of it today – of all the little niggling problems that crop up that we are supposed to sort. For example, yesterday I got a phone call from the electrician telling me the phone line is too old to be of any use and I need to request a new one. Apparently this can take up to 16 (sixteen!) weeks. We are hoping to move in at the end of July, so that would be disastrous. Where would we be these days without an Internet connection???

What kind of toilet would you like? What kind of window sills? Switches? Lighting? Door handles? Radiators? What specific colour of white for the woodwork? And then for the walls? It’s driving me nuts at the moment!!!

End of rant. Thanks for reading! 😉


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