Sleep Elusive

I cannot sleep
My mind is racing
Inside my skull
My soul is pacing
Now all that I want
Is just to find
A way to leave
Wakefulness behind

Two in the morning
I long for sleep
But when I try
The minutes creep
By without release
A mind not tired
Keeps on rushing
And feeling wired

Sigh and roll over
Try once again
Get up for a while
A minute or ten
I know in the morning
When the day dawns
I’ll get up exhausted
Troubled by yawns

Time to go back
To my cosiest bed
To close my eyes
And hope it will let
Me find me my rest
So tomorrow I will
Grasp hold of the day
With energy to spill




Moving and Shaking

There is a lot going on in real life at the moment, so there is little time for blogs or any other such frivolities. Our first lot of building work has been completed and now it is up to us to put the final touches on our little farm house before we move in just under two weeks’ time.

This does mean I am doing a lot of painting (and on-site babysitting while the husband is painting) and am pretty tired when I get home!

Apart from that, my creative juices are flowing so when I am at my computer I tend to be writing, which is nice for me personally, but not so useful for Habitually Amused! At the moment I have to force myself to stop when it gets to close to midnight, so any blog writing has been put on the backburner.

I want to change my earworm feature. I want to change it to Song of the Day, because although I often have songs stuck in my head, they are not always very interesting. And some songs I love are simply not catchy enough to get in my head in that way. I will try to get that going from 1 August, because hopefully we will have moved by then and it seems like a nice date.

Of course if I have any interesting to say in the meantime or I happen to write some poetry, I will post it!

Stick with me – I will get there!