Daily Anthem – 22 August 2015: ‘End Of The World’ by Ash

For some reason I was a little down yesterday. No idea why, but I just felt really low.  I was worrying about everything. Luckily the mood has flown away on the breeze today, though I still feel quite tired. Better go and do something energetic in a moment!

Anyway, this song sums up pretty well how I was feeling yesterday. It’s so depressing (Thanks Mr Wheeler…)!


I want to relax
To let all thoughts go
But monsters beseech me
Stealing my peace
The world is less bright
As they attack my senses
Do not know which way to turn
How to chase them away
A startled defender
Gaze sweeping around
Knowing so well
There is nowhere to run
Contemplating surrender
Then changing my mind
Finding the strength
To continue to fight