One of those days…

I am not usually one to use my blog as an emotional outlet, but  today I have just had it.

No one can play a guilt trip on you like your own family, can they? It left me so drained that I do not even have the energy to talk to my husband about it (it was not him by the way – he does not do guilt trips). I just can’t be bothered and that is a horrible feeling to have.

Worst thing is, the whole thing is based on a misunderstanding. I tried to explain, but probably did not quite explain clearly enough. Anyway, I will let the dust settle and see how it goes next time we see each other. It does mean  that in the meantime I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach I can’t get rid off and is ruining my weekend! Am I selfish? A little bit maybe. Is the other person selfish? Yeah, a little bit, like me, I suppose. Aren’t we all? How would we get through life if we were not all a little bit selfish? And yet, I thought about her feelings and tried to accommodate and understand them, without the favour being returned. Just the way it is, I suppose. C’est la vie, it seems.

Anyway, I will go and find a happy song to cheer me up while I let my daughter watch a Winnie The Pooh movie… Any suggestions?


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