The Year Music Changed… Two Songs From 1994

Musically, I think 1994 was an eye-opening year for me. I was fifteen and still knee deep in boy bands, like so many of my friends. 1994 was the year that started changing.

I started watching a lot of MTV and probably the first band I started taking notice of was Blur. ‘Girls & Boys’ was being a played a lot (or so it seems now) and I really liked it. These guys had guitars and amps and drums! That was a bit different for me and I was fascinated by it. But then, Damon and Alex were quite dishy at the time, so maybe the transition from boybands to Blur was not so big…

The most significant musical epiphany came when I first heard ‘Live Forever’ by Oasis. It got stuck in my head right away and I absolutely loved it! No sliver of boybandism here, just a band playing a tune that blew my mind. There was something about ‘Live Forever’. There still is. The hope, the optimism. We see things they’ll never see… It just rung true to me, I suppose.

I still love both songs. They mean so much to me as they paved the way to all the music I know and love today.


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