Gig Report: Bloc Party @ Paradiso (Amsterdam)

Seen on Friday, 27 November 2015 @ Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL

On the way traffic was atrocious on the motorway, so we arrived only fifteen minutes before Bloc Party were supposed to come on. Thus, we were stuck somewhere towards the back, but we could see, so we did not make too much effort to get forward. In hindsight we probably should have, because being so far back just made me feel a little disconnected.

The start was a little iffy. The sound was a little off and the sound people were tweaking it during the first song. Luckily it soon seemed fine tuned and the band was in fine form for their first European gig.

The crowd was a good one. Many people seemed to sing along almost every word, especially of the older stuff, and that is always good to see. I have listened to Bloc Party plenty enough, but not quite so much that I know the words to all the songs, so I was quite impressed with that!

Their line-up really seems to work for them and they did themselves justice. Kele was lively and enthusiastic with Russell in his own little world getting quite amazing sounds out of that old familiar Tele.

Bloc Party exceeded my expectations and I wish we had been closer in, so we felt more part of the gig.

For me highlights were ‘Hunting For Witches’, ‘Helicopter’ (which the whole crowd sang along), and the lovely ravy ‘One More Chance’. The new stuff still sat uneasily in the set for me, but I have to admit that apart from ‘The Love Within’ I had not heard them before.

Overall a good gig. Enjoyable, but not incredibly memorable.


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