Songstruck: ‘Missing Persons’ by Asylums

I know it’s only November, but Asylums’ debut Killer Brain Waves is my Album of the Year. I love it! I love the energy they managed to get onto the record. I can’t wait for an opportunity to see them live in 2017!


Songstruck: ‘Boyish’ by Hippo Campus

Hippo Campus’ debut  album Landmark will be out in February on Transgressive Records. For some reason the actual title of the song is ‘boyish’ and the album landmark, but I hate it when titles are all lower case, so I am being rebellious.

I like this song and I will definitely have a listen to their album when it’s out.

Songstruck: ‘Classic Love’ by We Are Scientists

Well, what better song to share today that one by a band that has become one of my favourite bands in the last year or so and that has a video in which a cartoon Trump is being hit by a cartoon car!

Let’s hope the next car crash won’t be Trump becoming the next US president. That… would… not… be… good…

It’s from their latest album Helter Seltzer, which was released in the spring and one of my top albums of 2016.

Autumn Blues

Autumn leaves and rain
Heavy heart and thoughts
No reason to be so
But how to stop the blues

Staring at the raindrops
Running down the glass
Listless and tired
Hibernation would be nice

Always in November
Those blues come on knocking
Adjusting to the colder season
Is always kind of hard

For now I want to sulk
Be grumpy and passive
Complain about the weather
And the coldness it brought

I am sure soon I will be laughing
And enjoying autumn walks
To enjoy all its splendour
With lightness in my heart