Songstruck: ‘Constantly’ – Emmy The Great

Me and my other half went to see Emmy The Great last week in Amsterdam. She performed in a lovely little venue called De Roode Bioscoop and she was amazing. Her one-woman set was simple and relaxed, and beautiful and heartfelt at the same time.

We had her album Second Love playing most of the weekend. It’s a wonderful album. Have a listen! She started off her set with a Chinese version of ‘Constantly’, the melody of which has been stuck in my head ever since the gig. I thought I’d add both the English and Chinese versions.



Have a wonderful week!

Kris x


Songstruck: ‘Classic Love’ by We Are Scientists

Well, what better song to share today that one by a band that has become one of my favourite bands in the last year or so and that has a video in which a cartoon Trump is being hit by a cartoon car!

Let’s hope the next car crash won’t be Trump becoming the next US president. That… would… not… be… good…

It’s from their latest album Helter Seltzer, which was released in the spring and one of my top albums of 2016.