Silent Crash

We whispered the end
But the world did not cease
We touched on infinity
But it stopped right there
We tried to understand
But only drifted further
We asked for the impossible
But got something in return
We left all of it behind
But found something ahead
We laughed at our choices
But a tear drop erased them
We looked into each other’s eyes
But never saw it coming


River Song (Jack and a Girl)

You took me by the hand
We smiled and then walked on
I loved being beside you
As the river sang her song

I wondered at the wisdom
Should we not have talked
‘This is such a bad idea’
I muttered as we walked

‘Bad ideas are the best ones’
You grinned as we went
I smiled without replying
And knew exactly what you meant

God knows we were lost
When twilight brought a kiss
Like none we had ever known
We were helpless to resist

We had laid our claims
Even if I could not see
That from that day forever
You would be a part of me


( part of the Jack and a Girl Anthology)

Sixteen (Jack and a Girl)

Like magnets so strong
We could not fight for long

Were we fools not to resist
Fools the day we kissed

To feel through the night
The wonder of the light

We walked away that day
Knowing come what may

Our souls had gently touched
But for now it was too much

For now it was too deep
Our hearts were still to keep

Not ready yet to feel
Emotions quite so real

We were just sixteen
And we had no idea…


(part of the Jack and a Girl Anthology)