Earworm 31 May 15: ‘Embers’ by Ash

Yes, it’s been another Ash day. We did a lot of driving around today for social visits and looking in on the farm house we are renovating. We had the A-Z series on in the car  the whole way, 34 songs (including the bonus tracks). We just about got to play the full playlist, which means we spent far too much time in the car!

The one that I ended up singing since we have been back is this one. It’s a great song to shout along to!


Sixteen (Jack and a Girl)

Like magnets so strong
We could not fight for long

Were we fools not to resist
Fools the day we kissed

To feel through the night
The wonder of the light

We walked away that day
Knowing come what may

Our souls had gently touched
But for now it was too much

For now it was too deep
Our hearts were still to keep

Not ready yet to feel
Emotions quite so real

We were just sixteen
And we had no idea…


(part of the Jack and a Girl Anthology)

Cloudy Day

I feel annoyed today
Slightly uptight
One of those days
You can’t do anything right

It’s not your fault
Nor is it mine
You always understand
That it just takes time

You always did
Get me so well
I love you so much
Though it’s hard to tell

When it’s a grey day
And I’m full of thunder
You leave me be
And I always wonder

How you know
How to treat me
When I’m blue
And the dark defeats me

The clouds will pass
And I’ll be fine
You will smile
And the sun will shine

The Milkmaid

Centuries have past
Lives have changed
But the strokes you made
Still strike a chord
Unknowing we stare
Try to understand
What she is thinking
As she does her chores
So different from us
And so the same
We look with wonder
At the world that was hers
And yours…

Inspired by the painting ‘The Milkmaid’ by Johannes Vermeer (ca 1658)

Het Melkmeisje

Music Purchases – May 2015

Thought it would be interesting for myself to document what music I have bought any given month… and in which formats:


  • Kablammo! – Ash (2015)
  • The Lumineers – The Lumineers (2012)
  • Young Chasers – Circa Waves (2015)
  • My Head Is An Animal – Of Monsters and Men (2012)
  • Alvvays – Alvvays (2014)
  • The Only Place – Best Coast (2012)


  • Intergalactic Sonic 7s (+ Cosmic Debris) – Ash (2002)


  • Riverman – Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds (2015 – single)
  • Polaris – Ash (2007 – single x 2)
  • Starcrossed – Ash (2004 – single)
  • End Of The World – Ash (2007 – single)
  • You Can’t Have It All – Ash (2007 – single x 2)
  • Renegade Cavalcade – Ash (2004 – single)
    (all the Ash singles were bought as a bundle – vinyl singles are a little pointless, but so much fun!)