So Danny Boyle is doing it…

He has announced that he is filming a sequel to Trainspotting next year.

Now, I am not quite sure how to feel about this. When they mentioned that Trainspotting was almost 20 years old, I almost fell of my chair (well, I would have if I was not sitting on the sofa like the lazy slob I am). Is 1996 really that long ago? Fuuuuuuuck! But it does beg the question, does anyone want a sequel to a 20-year-old movie, no matter how good it was?

And I loved Trainspotting, with a passion, and I have seen it many times over the course of my late teens and early twenties. I watched it for the first time in a long long while a couple of months ago and yep, it still worked for me. It stood the test of time pretty well. So, on one hand if there was a sequel, I will definitely go and watch it, but I would probably be apprehensive to say the least. Would Renton, Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie still work when they are twenty years older?

And what if it doesn’t? Would it ruin the first one for me? I like the open ending and I don’t feel I need a sequel… at all!

By the way, I have not read Porno either and I don’t feel the need to. I read Trainspotting, but the movie is not quite so dark and I prefer it!  Is it sacrilege for preferring the movie? It probably is…  😉

On the other hand, you can never quite have enough Ewan McGregor in your life, right?!


My Problem With…. Donnie Darko, the Director’s Cut

Last night we were browsing Netflix for something to watch and saw that they carried Donnie Darko. Both me and the other half love that movie, so we decided to watch it as it had been a while. Turned out it was the so-called Director’s Cut (what does that mean anyway?!).

I did not mind that they added in some of the text from Roberta Sparrow’s book, I suppose that explained things a little, but they also added some totally unnecessary stuff, like visuals of eyes, water, etc, that I felt added zilch.

The worst crime though is that the changed the opening music! No more ‘The Killing Moon’, but instead we get INXS ‘Never Tear Us Apart’. Now I don’t mind the latter song, but ‘The Killing Moon’ has such a dark moody feel to it that it really set the scene so exquisitely in a way that ‘Never Tear Us Part’ in my eyes fails to do.

There a lot of subtle changes that I don’t mind much, but do not really add to the story.

Next time I think I will watch the original version again!