Old Newspaper

We are renovating (annihilating) an old farmhouse and when everything was ripped out, we found this old newspaper stuck on the wall where the kitchen used to be. Its from 29 April 1959, so pretty much exactly 56 years ago (if my maths is correct!). Fun stuff!


PS I know the picture is upside down, but the paper was upside down on the wall!


Remarkable Words: Malarkey

I love the word ‘malarkey’. Every now and then I wonder where a word comes from and this is such a peculiar word, I thought I’d google the bastard.

The Oxford Dictionary describes it as:


Definition of malarkey in English:


Meaningless talk: nonsense: don’t give me that malarkey


It’s a word I do use, but I am sure I use it a little wrongly. I tend to say: What kind of malarkey is that? In my mind it means silly nonsense, I suppose. Not normal nonsense, silly, ridiculous nonsense. Not quite what the Oxford Dic says.

Its origins seem somewhat murky. Several websites I checked believe it to have originated in the US in the 1920s. It looks like an American English word to be sure, but I don’t associate it with Americanism (is that a word?).

Apparently Joe Biden (US Vice-President) used the word a few years back and claimed it had Irish origins. It could be, lots of folk of Irish descent in the US of A, so quite possible.

Anyway, after consulting Google, I am no closer to knowing where the word comes from. It may well remain a mystery. All I know I have been using it for years and will probably continue to do so, even if I probably use it incorrectly!

Earworm 29 Apr 15: ‘It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over’ by Lenny Kravitz

I am actually quite pleased this is going round in my head at the moment. It was playing while I was in the shopping centre this morning buying some jeans and it just sticks around quite pleasantly.

I have always had a  soft spot for Lenny. He has always been pretty high on my ‘hot men’ list, if such a list actually exist in the wondrous world of my mind.  🙂

Does One Tweet? Apparently So!

I had a Twitter account, just never did much with it. Followed some comedians I liked and some things to do with horse racing, but that was about it. None of my friends seem to use it much. My husband does, but he is a computer programmer, so it is sort of expected.

I have decided to finally try and embrace this social media malarkey, only about what? Ten years late? I always tend to be late with things like that. I did not get a mobile phone until everybody else already had one and it took me ages to get myself a smart phone (I now love my Nexus 4 – is that one outdated yet?). I am really good at resisting technology it seems. It’s a skill right?

Anyway, so Twitter, yes, you better be scared… I will see if I can add some widget to the side of my blog page with tweety bits.


Earworm 28 Apr 15: ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’ by The Killers

Interesting that this is the song that I ended up with in my head today. I started out listening to Coldplay this morning (unusual for me), but this was queued up after that. My husband had probably been listening to The Killers whilst getting ready for work.

Of course, it was the ‘I got soul, but I’m not a soldier’ that I kept catching myself singing as I wrestled my way through a grumpy day!


Can’t believe the song is ten years old already…